Travel to Nigeria to meet the support team behind the women’s bobsleigh  crew and feel the growing pride from all parts of the country.  Experience the thrills and spills of being a top winter Olympic hopeful  in immersive 360 Virtual Reality as they prepare for the 2018 Games. 

ICE BLAZERS: Expect the Unexpected Trailer. 

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Introducing: MAEFLOWER - The Wooden Practice Sled

See first hand how I was able to learn to bobsled without snow. Using the coaching techniques from when I was a member of Team USA, I returned to Houston and constructed  a mock-bobsled out of wood to simulate my training. This bobsled named, Maeflower, in memory of my late  step-sister, "Mae Mae". The Maeflower became the most important tool that I used a year after I built it, to teach my new Nigerian teammates how to become competitive bobsled brakewomen.